(This page will be updated often with new D.I.Y. Vegan/Raw Vegan Beauty ideas, recipes and tips, etc..So if you have any 'beautiful' Vegan and or Raw Vegan beauty recipes, PLEASE feel free to share in the comments! XoXo! )


  • EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL!!! My #1 favorite beauty tool LOVE!
  • AVOCADO MASK; for dry skin
  • CUCUMBER MASK; for oily skin
  • more to come......



I can not begin to tell you how much I LOVE EV Coconut Oil! It is my #1 go to beauty product....#1! I don't have an actual recipe to share with you....other than to say, simply use pure organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.....for almost everything! LoL! I even use it as a facial moisturizer! Coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, medium chained fatty acids (MCFAs) and has Lauric acid, as well as many other lovely beautiful things. SO good for you skin, hair and body! NOTE: If your EV Coconut Oil doesn't smell like coconuts....well then, it's probably not Extra Virgin. ;)

Here's what I do,

  • Make up remover!....easily takes off ALL your makeup, even stubborn eye makeup. 
  • Facial Moisturizer!.....after I clean my face, I slather on coconut oil. If it is too much for you, let it sit on your face for a bit, then gently wipe away the excess. PLEASE, don't feel afraid of having oil on your face. 
  • 'Intimate' oil!...a perfect oil for personal lubrication. Note: if using condoms, make sure to use natural skin condoms or polyurethane condoms. Do not use latex ones..the coconut oil can dissolve latex.
  • Hair conditioner!.....apply oil to wet or dry hair, wrap a warm damp towel around your head and chill out for a bit. I usually keep it on my head for a couple of hours lol. THEN, go wash your hair. BE CAREFUL if you are washing your coconut out in the shower....it will be slippery, DON'T SLIP! <3
  • Oil Pulling!!....I will write about this in detail later. But basically oil pulling is taking a spoonful of oil into your mouth and swishing around your teeth and gums for 5-20 minutes. Do not gargle, just swish around. Afterwards, spit out into a sink and then continue to brush your teeth. Oil Pulling brightens your teeth, refreshes your breath, removes bacteria, removes plaque, said to remove toxins from your body, helps to clear and open your sinus passages.....and SO MUCH more!! 
  • EAT IT!....up to 2 TBS a day is said to help your metabolism, help with weight loss, help to regulate your cholesterol, help balance your thyroid, help your skin stay moist and supple, help with Candida, helps promote energy and sooo much more. PLEASE note, I am not a Doctor and am not saying doing this will cure your or any ailments you have. I am just sharing with you what I do and what I love! XO!
Simple said......I LOVE EV COCONUT OIL! LOVE I TELL YA! :)



THIS....is pure face LOVE. Honestly, I do this a couple times a week and get such wonderful results. My skin becomes soft, smooth, glowing and exfoliated.....AND my skin brightens up. Why you ask? :) This simple face scrub is made up of only two ingredients...Sugar (organic, NON white sugar perty please.) and Lemon Juice. 
The Sugar, not only exfoliates, but also is a humectant. Which allows moisture from the air and your body to be 'sealed' into your skin. And the Lemon juice, is filled with Vit.C, one of your skins best friends, and also exfoliates with it's citric acid but also lightens any discoloration; age spots, blemish, fine lines, etc...


Here's what I do.

In a bowl, combine the following, then gently scrub your damp face for a minute or two. GENTLY please. Yes it will feel rough. But trust me....really. YES, even scrub your lips! MMM, like Lemonade! Cool! Then rinse your face and pat dry. Your skin will be rosy, soft, smooth and glowing. 

  • Sugar (fine crystals of Organic sugar)
  • Lemon juice (enough to make a thick paste)

*You're Gorrrgeous Darling!*



Caffeine is your friend.....when ya put it on your face lol! The caffeine from the Raw Cacao tightens your skin and the Cacao itself has tons of skin friendly anti-oxidants. Sweet! This mask also contains, ground Oats, Lemon juice and Agave. The Oats help to scrub away dead skin cells and help your skin retain moisture, the lemon is high in Vit.C and Citric Acid, and the Agave....well, anything that can make Tequila is good with me........ok ok, I'm just joking. ;) The Agave is a great moisturizer and holds all the 'mask' ingredients together.

Here's what I do.

  • Raw Cacao Powder
  • Organic Oats, ground in blender, or coffee grinder
  • Lemon Juice
  • Raw Agave
In bowl, combine equal amounts Cacao powder and ground Oats. (I think I used 1/8 cup, but I'm not sure, I usually just wing this recipe, BUT I will get back to you with TRUE measurements) 
Mix in juice of 1/2 Lemon. Add enough Agave to create paste. 
Apply to clean face, gently scrub and get all the areas of you face....even your neck if ya want. Now, go chill out for about 20 minutes. Sip on some tea, meditate,....try not to lick your face...
NOW, once the mask has 'dried' and you find that you are ready to wash it off. Well, then, wash your lovely face! :) Your face should be tight, glowing and radiant. Apply your fav moisturizer (mine is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) and Voila'.


*AVOCADO MASK; for dry skin*

This one is great for dry skin. Avocado has tons of healthy fats and Omega fatty acids....great to moisturize the skin. The Orange juice has Citric acid, to help exfoliate and replenish your skin with Vit.C. The Extra Virgin Olive oil is wonderful and has the same beautiful natural healthy fats, like the Avocado. The Turmeric is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. If you don't mind looking green for the next 20 minutes, give this baby a try. 

Here's what I do,

In bowl mix/mash together. 
  • 1 AVOCADO, mashed. 
  • Orange juice, a good squeeze OR 6-7 drops lol
  • TURMERIC, just a pinch
Apply mash to face and neck. Go lie down and relax for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. 

Mmmm, beautiful skin!


*CUCUMBER MASK; for oily skin*

This recipe couldn't be easier. Just simply grate some cucumber and smooth it on clean skin. Apply a warm damp towel over your face (and cucumber mask) and go lay down and relax for 20-30 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. 

Here's what I do,

  • Grate 1 Cucumber
  • 1 warm damp towel
Apply it to your face and neck if desired. Relax with a warm towel over your face. Rinse off.

*Don't forget to sip on some Cucumber juice while you are at it. :) Cucumbers have beautifying silicon and chlorophyll. They are refreshing and alkaline. 



Oh bananas....beautiful healthy, biotin, potassium filled bananas. Love them! Bananas for a face mask?? Why yes! Of course. They are great for dry skin. They are filled with Vit.B.....Biotin is the most important Vit.B for you skin...hair....nails. Just awesome stuff.

Here's what I do.

  • 1 very ripe Banana
  • 2 TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mash the banana and olive oil in bowl. Apply to clean face. Yes it will be gloopy.....and yes, gloopy is a word haha. ;) Now, you can, either do two things.....after you place the mask on, you can cover you banana face with paper or tissue and then top it with a warm damp towel......OR....nix that messy idea and just go chill out, with your sexy banana face, on the couch for about 15-20 min. When ready....go wash your beautiful mug with lukewarm water. Then moisturize with your fav moisturizer.....mine? E.V. Coconut Oil. Of course. :)



I love baking soda! For brushing my teeth, for whitening my teeth, for cleaning, for body scrubs....the list can go on and on! But here is a simple and very effective facial scrub....or body scrub, if ya like. :) I just take a palm full of baking soda and add a tiny amount of warm water, just enough to make a thin paste. Then gently scrub my clean face with it for about a minute. Yep...it's going to feel abrasive...but that's the idea silly. Xo. Once you have had enough, lol. (mind you, you don't want to rub too hard or for too long. Gentle my friend)...then rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry. Apply your fav moisturizer and Voila'...you just had a mini spa treatment. ;) 

Here's what I do,

  • Baking soda
  • Warm water, just enough to create a thin paste. 
Mix in hand, apply to clean face, scrub gently for 1 minute. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry. Apply moisturizer. 

Taa daa! B'uh bye dead skin cells, hellllllo fresh skin <3 




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  1. I love your writing! Your style of expression shows your enthusiasm and makes each idea sound so inviting! Love trying new stuff. Thanks for all your sharing and experimenting.

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