Monday, May 12, 2014

*Raw Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream*

Goooood Afternoon my friends!

I thought I would share this OH SO easy and waaaay delicious Ice Cream recipe. Seriously, easy. I made it the other day.....and ate it for breakfast. :)

Ice cream for breakfast you ask??.......Whhhhy yes! Of course! Especially since it's made with whole, beautiful, raw vegan foods. Mmm!

Take a looksee!

And I have to tell you....the texture was JUST like dairy ice cream! No kidding! And wait for it....the base of this ice cream.....frozen bananas. M'yep.

Now, there are probably a zillion different ways to make Raw Vegan Ice Creams.....I have seen some use a mix frozen bananas and nuts, like cashews. Or, perhaps a mix of nuts and  young coconuts. This one however, like I said , easy and simple and only using frozen bananas as the base. I hope to play around with all types of ice creams this Summer....and when I do, of course I will share and blog them to you all! xo!

Here's the recipe and what I did:

  • 2-4 Bananas, sliced into coins and frozen overnight
  • 2-4 TBS Raw Cacao Powder (to taste)
  • Wee pinch of salt (opt, but adds a depth of flavor)
  • Splash of Pure Vanilla

(OPT ideas and ingredients??.......perhaps some fresh mint, some raw cacao nibs, skip the cacao powder and just make plain vanilla ice cream, whirl up some fruit in there once the 'ice cream' is made, add some chopped cherries in with the chocolate version....I can go on and on...and on, haha. But I think you get the idea. )

Once the bananas were frozen I put them in a food processor and whirled em up. NOTE, this might take some finesse. I have a really old horrible processor and my motor is sensitive to overheating....stupid thing. I MUST get a new one, one of these days.

Then if you are doing the Chocolate version.....add in 2-4 TBS raw Cacao powder. This is to taste....depends on your chocolate taste buds. ;)

(See my boo boo finger?...yeah that was when I chopped my finger off the other week....yeah not pretty.)

(Ahhh my poor 'Little Mr.BooBoo" )

ANYWAY.........{{GRIN}}....on with the recipe......

THEN.....once you add the choc powder to the frozen bananas, add in that wee pinch of salt and a splash or two of vanilla. Yum!

WHIRL it allllllllll up. And eventually it will come together and make Ice Cream! How crazy! So at this point, give it a taste and adjust flavor to your liking. :)

You may now, scoop out that baby and eat it right away. Or you may put it in a glass bowl with lid and store it in the freezer. It will firm up nicely. I said......just eat it now. Like I did. :)

All gone!

So if you are asking yourself if you should make this.....or eat ice cream for breakfast.....the answer is.............yes! XOXO!!

Raw Vegan Ice Cream for breakfast?.....Yep, it's a good thing. <3! 

Alright, my beautiful people, enjoy! I hope to make and share many other ice cream creations with you guys soon! I'm thinking, something with fresh Summer cherries.....once Summer cherries get here. {{GRIN}} 

*Wishing you Happy and Healthy Eating!........and much kitchen madness!*

Love, Peace and Cyber Hugs!

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