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*Raw Vegan Stuffed Chilies with Mole'*

*Raw Vegan Stuffed Chilies with Mole'*

"Mole' mole'"..............

Goooood morning again!

Ooo, I've got another recipe for ya! This is another dish I made using my birthday haul of Raw Macadamia nuts I mentioned in my previous posts. (yum!) It is an Anaheim chili stuffed with nut cheese, (I used Mac cheese) and then topped of with an earthy, spicy Mole'.....ish sauce. ;) I don't reeeeally want to call it a 'Mole' just because I know traditional Mole sauces take like 3 days or something and has a zillion awesome ingredients, including tons of chili peppers, Mexican chocolate and spices. 

So let's just say this Mole' inspired. ;), For all of you who are not full raw or for that matter even Vegetarians. Dare I say, this sauce would be great warmed up....cooked even....with your 'food' of choice. My non- raw vegan hubby really enjoyed the sauce and used it when he was grilling......"his" food. ;) 

To begin you will need:

(Full Recipe will be posted below)

Some beautiful Anaheim chilies....OR you could do any other chili you like. Mind you the heat level will change when using other peppers. ;)

Once you wash and dry these beauties, cut them open, carefully down the middle, NOT going all the way through to the other side. Just make a pocket, and carefully remove some of the seeds.

Set aside the chili and lets get started on the Mole Mole sauce, and the Mac Cheese......(the recipe can be found in my other post about "Raw Vegan Almond Cream Cheese"....I just used raw Mac nuts instead of the almonds.....simple. OR if you don't have Macadamia nuts....then by ALL means, use almonds, or any other nut, seed of your choice. See, once again...noooo biggie.

Here's the link Raw Vegan Almond Cream Cheese

For the Mole sauce: 

  • Ancho chilies, dried (we will be soaking them)
  • Smoked Onions, (we will be soaking them. Also see *TIP* below for more tip info)
  • Raw Cacoa powder
  • Spices, such as Cumin, Cinnamon, Chili powder, Cayenne....
  • Medjool Dates (pitted and will all be in the recipe)
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes, (yep we'll be soaking these too)
  • Olive Oil
  • Almonds
  • Lemon or Lime juice
*TIP*: IF you do not have smoked onions....well, nooo biggie! Just swap it out and use onion powder and smoked paprika to taste. Easy peasy. Done and done. :)


*RAW VEGAN MOLE' (inspired) SAUCE*

  • 2 Medjool Dates, pitted
  • 1/4 cup Sun Dried Tomatoes 
  • Palm full of Smoked Onions (OR Onion powder and Smoked Paprika to taste)
  • 1/4 cup Almonds
  • 2 med Ancho chilies, dried
  • 1/2 Lemon or Lime, juice
  • 1 TBS Raw Cacoa powder
  • 1 TBS Chili powder
  • Cayenne to taste
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Pinch of Cinnamon and Cumin (or to taste
(Soak the dry ingredients in enough water to cover. Then blend ALL in a good blender) More recipe how to below with the pictures. 

(ABOVE: Gorgeous dried Ancho Chilies that I got from 'Tierra Vegetable' in NorCal. Here is the link! Tierra Vegetables)

(ABOVE: OMG, love these! "Smoked Sweet Onions" from Tierra Vegetables in NorCal) 

We will be soaking all the dried ingredients together in enough water to cover, for about an hour or so. OR until somewhat softened. 

Place all the dried ingredients into a bowl or other container, I put them all in my 2 cup measuring glass......the Anchos, the sun dried tomatoes, the dates (pitted) and the smoked onions. And then I covered them with enough water to cover....maybe a tad bit more. It's all cool ;)

ONCE soaked for a bit, I then took the soaked goodies and put them and some of the soak water, along with the rest of the recipe ingredients into a blender and whirrrrrrled it up til it was nice and smooth. 

*NOTE: I used my Vitamix blender, which is a high speed, high power blender, which also has the ability to heat up your food if you let it blend for a couple of minutes. (Sweeeeet) I'm pretty sure you could use another blender, just keep blending until your Mole is nice and smooooooth.

(Hellllllllo beautiful. 'Mole sauce")

Once, your Mole is done. I then, took the cut Anaheim chili from earlier and stuffed it with raw Macadamia cheese. (I've posted a recipe a lonnnnng time ago on "Almond Cheese". I basically used that recipe, but used raw mac nuts instead of the almonds, and then stirred in some Nutritional yeast later. Mmm, soo yummy and cheesy tasting!) Here's the link to my post on....
Raw Vegan Almond Cheeze

Now, that you have stuffed that gorg little pepper. I topped it off with some of that Mole sauce and then I dehydrated it for a few hours to get warm and soft. 

OOO, it's starting to look like a stuffed pepper! lol! 

Once it was all soft and warm. I put it on a plate with more Mole sauce, topped it with Cilantro and crumbled nut cheeze and ate that puppy. OH my pretty darn good! 

*TIP* The pepper itself remained crunchy and crispy, even after dehydrating, IF you do not like this, you could possibly marinate you pepper before hand in.....hmmm, maybe some EV Olive oil....OR give it a light steam before stuffing it. Just saying. :)

(Annnnd, I ate it. Lol)

Like I said, this sauce could even be put with cooked food and can be EASILY warmed up etc...

Raw Vegan isn't law. If your still tinkering with the idea, go at your own awesome pace. If you want to heat it up, by all means, do what feels good to you! But, it's pretty freaking awesome jusssst the way it tis. {{Grin}}

Enjoy my friends! 

*Happy and Healthy Eating to you All!*

Wishing you all good health, laughter and lots of awesome kitchen madness!

Til next blog!



  1. Hey! So cool that you used the outstandingly marvelous chile and smoked onion from Tierra Vegetables ... they put all their heart into each of the products. I just went on one of their farm tours ... they are so inspiring. They love the land and the food and are excellent stewards of same. And, Nani, you're recipes are, as always, sooo creative! Can't wait to cook with you again. xoxo Tante Lysee

    1. Too funny ... I misspelled "your" and used the "you're" version accidentally. Ahh ... the rewards of late night posting. I must need some chocolate. :) Tante Lys

  2. Hi! Yes indeed....'outstandingly marvelous chili and smoked onions from Tierra Vegetables'!! Thank you for the lovely foodie gifts!
    I too....can't wait to cook with yoooou! xo!......and, lol, I didn't even notice the 'your' you're', sooo maybe we both need some chocolate, haha.

    Love and miss you my dear Tante Lys! {{hug!}}

  3. Back at ya, babe!

    By the way, that security check the computer does before it lets one post, cracks me up! One has to type in two words (one of which is barely readable) to prove one is not a robot. I know, I said it before ... but it still makes me laugh. :)