Wednesday, March 13, 2013


WHAT'S THIS????......("is she actually blogging??..)

Why yes, yes I am, thank you :)

I know, it has been like FOREVER since I have blogged. It is a long, stressful, me being lazy story. I'll will blog with all that mumbo jumbo later.....(orrrr will I??? Mwa ha ha HAA!) Ok, no just kidding, I will try to blog more often. ;)

BUT ANYWAY, my main reason for stretching the ol' bloggin' fingers today, was to show off my new, oh so fabulous juicer that I got for my birthday! WOOO! (I'm sorry, am I screaming?)

An "OMEGA VERT JUICER VRT350W* the way ;)

It has been so long since I have had a decent working Juicer....ok, that is a lie, I have never had a decent working Juicer. The old one I did have, sounded like a boat moter, shook the pictures off the wall when turned on and made all the neighbors run and scream. No really, it was VERY loud and would only juice certain veggies. It wouldnt juice any greens such as Kale, Collards, Parsley, Wheatgrass etc... NADA! How horrible I say...just horrible. What kind of juicer doesn't juice greens?!? PFFFT! BUT BUT.....this baby?...this baby rocks! Seriously quiet, works great, tons of juice, little pulp and juices all greens.....even presses nuts, to make either Nut Butters or Nut Milks. Ch'AH! (although my lovely Vita-mix does a FAB job at doing that as well. Just saying, gotta show love to the's just sitting in my kitchen giving me dirty looks ever since I've opened my new juicer box....aww, wuv you Vita-mix xoxo)

SOO with I say.........And the Heaven's opened up and she made......GREEEEN JUICE!

What did I juice you ask?

1/2 Cucumber
1 Large Handful of Baby Spinach
1 Large Handful of Kale
1 Small Handful of Parsley
2 Small Celery
1 Small Carrot
1/2 Juice from Lemon

Def NOT for the faint of heart or Beginner Juicers. This was Green....and tasted green and I drank it down like glorious green Medicine, lol. Loved it!

I'm so in love with this Juicer....I'm so excited to start creating yummy healthy juice concoctions! Yay!

I was so happy I took my juice outside to drink in the sunshine and enjoy my day......than realized, oh yeah, I'm in Cleveland, it's snowing....{{sigh}} As you can see from the snowy table below.

Oh well.....that's ok..........cuz I'ze got a Juicer!! Have I said yay yet?? :)

Ok, I'm off to go find juice recipes hehe.

Love, Healthy Eating and Green Kisses to You All!


  1. I just got mine today so I am looking for recipes! Can't wait to start juicing!
    Going shopping tomorrow!

  2. :D Awesome! I LOVE mine and love juicing! I was thinking about doing another juice 'fast'/detox again in the next week or so.. I will try to round up all my juice recipes and do a blog posting about them soon. :) Please feel free to share any juice recipes you come across as well. :D *Happy Juicing!* *Shauna*