Monday, August 6, 2012

*Shauna's Raw Pine Nut Parmesan Herb Cheese*

*Raw Pine Nut Parmesan Herb Cheese*......a.k.a *X-Spread*

So first let me tell you what X-Spread is.....ohhh' glorious X-Spread. Once upon a time, there was this waaay delicious cheese spread called "X-Spread" made by our local grocery store Heinen's. I call the smell of this cheese "Fairy's blood" (Wait....What did she just call it?? Yes that is a reference taken from HBO's show True Blood...if you havent watched it, it is about Vampires (amongst many other things) as well as Fairies....whose blood the Vamps CAN'T resist.) this "X-Spread" smells SOO good it is like Fairy Blood to me......................ALRIGHTY THEN......are we still talking about cheese??

So I wanted to make or should I say try to make a Vegan version of this cheese, since I am Vegan and have issues with dairy. I looked at the ingredients on the cheese label and thought hmmm.....if I replace just might work...

(They changed the used to just be called "X-Spread"
Heinen's cheese is basically Olive oil, Asiago, Parmesan, Oregano, garlic and red pepper flakes. I can easily keep in the herbs.....The Parm? Well that can be subbed for Nutritional Yeast, same kinda cheesy about the Asiago cheese, hmm, Asiago is and distinct right?? Soooo what if I switch that out for Raw Pine Nuts?? Hmmm.....this JUST might work!!

I grabbed my ingredients and put everything in a blender, waiting to put the olive oil in til last. After I gently pulsed the Pine Nuts a med grade meal in my blender, I put it in a bowl and drizzled in the olive oil. Tasted.....adjusted the seasonings and then had my husband smell it. IT SMELLED JUST LIKE THE X-SPREAD!! WHOOP WHOOP! (I'll put the recipe down below, but first here are some pics showing the original X-Spread and then my creation)

First Heinen's cheese; (S.A.D. Dairy Cheese boooo!) below

Now my Raw Vegan version (Awesome NON Dairy Cheese) below

And this one too......

NOW just because I recreated this into a Vegan version by NO means does that mean it is low fat. Just the opposite actually....this is probably all fat and some protein from the Pine nuts. So, don't be eating a bowl of this stuff.....well actually, it is healthy fats and if you eat a proper well balanced "diet" then I think eating this will be alllllllright :) NO animal fats, nope nadda and yaaaay!

I chose to slice up a Tomato and sprinkle some of the cheese in between the slices and then top off with some chopped Basil. Sooo good!

And then.....I ate the top off haha! MMMM.....

Ready for the recipe??? Oh and before I forget...lots of garlic in this yummy spread. Sooo, I guess I shouldnt call it "Fairy Blood".....cause with all this garlic, it will surely keep all the Vamps away. And please also note.....I just played with this recipe and don't really have all the knitty gritty measuring details of how much of this....or how much of that......but I will do my best at getting the right measurements for ya.



1/2 cup Raw Pine Nuts (dry, not soaked in water)

2 large garlic cloves

1/4 cup Nutritional yeast or more to taste (IF you want to just do the Vegan thang, you could also add Vegan store bought Parmesan yep yep)

1/2-1 tsp Oregano (this I did to taste, and note, it got stronger the longer the spread sat)

1/4 tsp red pepper flakes (once again to taste, don't be to afraid of these, it adds flavor and the heat is muted down by the fats in the nuts and olive oil)

1/4 tsp dried onion powder (the original recipe calls for green onions, I didnt have any, sooo...)

Salt and Pepper to taste (you want enough salt to make it salty like cheese, just don't over do it pretty please :) )


NOW.....put everything in a bowl. Drizzle in the Olive Oil. I used about

1/4 cup Olive Oil (I eyeballed this, you don't want it like soup, but you do want everything to be blended and moist)


Either serve now or put in fridge for a bit to allow the flavors to mingle. I used it right away on the Tomato slices and then the following day I nibbled on it with some rice crackers. I found that the day after I made it the seasonings were just right.....Hell'z yeah! I will keep playing with the proper measurements and when I do, I will DEF post any changes if......I change them haha. :)

So yep......give it a try. Fatty, salty, creamy, almost cheesy........a yummy indulgence.


  1. This is your husband....testing testing. Hope this message goes through. I love you and I'm proud of your site, even though I'm a carnivore.......sorry about that xoxo.

    1. Testing here too ... cool idea of adding the "anonymous" profile for those of us who simply don't have Google, WordPress, or other accounts to log from. Thanks!

      LOVE your work, babe! xoxoxo, affectionately, your Farmers Market Auntie (say hey to that meat eating nephew of mine!)

      PS - LOL! the confirmation prompt just asked me to prove I'm not a robot! Hysterical! Klaatu barada nikto, as they say. :)

  2. I am definitely gonna give this a try it sounds AMAZING :-). And just a question, how do you manage with your husband being a meat eater? My hubby is too and in trying to convert to a raw lifestyle I have found it is the most difficult part. I don't want to make do meals, especially since, if I don't cook dinner for him he just gets fast food which is even worse than home cooked sad meals. Any suggestions from you, your husband, or any of your viewers would be greatly appreciated :-). Oh and thanks for the great recipe, I love cheeses so to find a raw vegan one that sounds great makes me do the HAPPY DANCE!

  3. Morning! :)
    UGH, that is what I have to say about having a meat eating husband haha <3 (I love you hubby but UGH is true lol) Yes, I find it very difficult. And hate to say that it is a cause for A LOT of conversation in our house ;) He is wonderful though and is aware of the issues regarding being Vegan, AND agrees with them. He says he will get there, someday (crossing my fingers). But for now he is a meat eater and that breaks my heart.

    As to how to manage, well, I had to sit down with him and tell him how truly important this is to me, for health, ethical reasons etc.. and let him know that if he wants to eat meat.......thennn he will have to cook it, handle it himself. However, the "sides" of a meal will BE Vegan and I will make those....{{gulp}} Annnnd....he said "cool" {{PHEW}} lol. So it's kinda a happy medium. I had to stand up strong, determined and with respect, say that, this is who I am, this is what I NEED, and although I love you (my hubby lol) that I cant and wont be a part of something I feel so strongly about (sad food and meat). And then asked him gently to please help me to stay strong and to understand my needs and I will try to understand and respect his. (he does and is a Vegan/raw food slave driver, lol, he keeps me in line)
    Yes it still is a huge challenge. All I can say is talk to him, with honestly, respect and love.

    OOOO and claim a kitchen cabinet shelft all to yourself for all your yummy raw food items. I have found this to be so empowering <3

  4. Oh hey, also, speaking of cheese, have you checked out my Raw Vegan Alfredo sauce vid?? Mmm'yum. I will try to do some more cheese recipes for my blog and youtube soon :)


  5. haha ONE more comment. Regarding the hubbies eating meat thing. I will talk to my manchild and ask him what he thinks. Especially about the fast food situation, cause he does that as well (tisk tisk lol)

    Ooo, there is one thing that I just remembered that helps. On Sunday, we or I, usually try to make a lot of meals for the coming week. For both him and for myself. Like, cook a couple of chicken breasts for the coming week, (they can then be either reheated or shredded for another use, saaaay Tacos et..)Or make a big pot of stew, chili or pasta sauce for him. He can then have that for a quick fix during the week. And Sunday is when I usually make most of my Raw food staples; mylks, cheeses, dehydrated goods.

    Ok that is all for now lol. Shauna....Out! :)