Friday, August 31, 2012

80/10/10........"Date Banana Shake"

Now, do I follow the 80/10/10 diet? haha. But do I play around with the idea?...suuuure :) I am always open and willing to explore whats good.....or not. Regarding the 80/10/10 Diet, I find it interesting and will probably start incorporating recipes here and there and see how I feel. I WOULD like to cut back on my nut intake lately, just because I would like to lean myself out a bit (hello badonka donk) NOT that nuts are bad, they are indeed very healthy for you and have mannny wonderful benefits.....however, maybe that doesnt apply if you are eating a whole raw vegan chocolate nut cake {{GRIN}}

Ok, since I am not master of the 80/10/10 thing and really don't know all about it, I will not go into that here. (I must research! Mwa ha Haaa haaaa.......yeah, don't know where that came from) So with that, I will just say, since I have been interested in some of the recipes, I thought I would first give this shake a try. I saw it somewhere out there in cyber here is what I did.

The recipe is ohhh so simple....if ya even want to call it a "recipe". Heck, it's just bananas and dates....sooo uh {{scratching my head}} I guess its a recipe :)

Servings 2.


FIRST.....I took a scant cup of Medjool Dates (PITS REMOVED PLEASE haha)......
(Above: The lovely Medjool with pit still inside.....sqwoosh them with your fingers and the pit should be easy to remove.....)
(Above: The pits are easily removed, if not by hand, then a little cut with a sm. knife will do the trick)

(Medjools are moist and sticky..soooo good)
I used about a scant cup of Medjools for this.....this made enough for 2 servings! ;)

Put the Dates and two Bananas in a blender....
Now at this point you can just add enough ice water to blend. HOWEVER, haha, I thought I would add a little Pure Vanilla to the mix....uhhh yum. So I did :)
I just added a splash......feel free to do this to taste :) Once everything was in the blender, I added a couple of ice cubes and some filtered water to mix. Then whirled that bad boy up.
Whirl whirl....blend and ah' whirl.......
When finished.....I poured a glass......mmmmm.
NOW the taste test........


My findings are.....this is a very simple and good shake, will definitly get your blood sugar going in the morning. NOW, I also found it to be REALLY sweet. Like, almost cloyingly so. I adjusted the ice water to suit my tastes. But it is clean, good carbs....and loaded with minerals and vitamins! I'm thinking that this awesome shake would be kick a$$ with some Raw Cacao Powder added to it.

Stupid MCrap'Donalds has nothing on this shake....especially the chocolate version.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

*VIDEO AND RECIPE UPDATE*  ..........just posted the video 8/23/12!

Just made a video for my Raw Vegan Macaroons today, woooo and ah'hooo! I have briefly talked about them in an earlier post.  I will post the video tomorrow, after I finish editing it (8/22/12) So stay tune my awesome followers! You're gonna dig these. They RAW'K!

I will post the video below, once it's all slapped together :)

ANNND.............Here it tis!

Enjoy! Xo!
*Lossssst innnnn Spaaaace...*

I just realized as I looked at the calender, that I havent blogged since the 10th! Whaaat?? {{bad Shauna baaaaaad Shauna!}} My brain has been lost in space lately. There have been some issues going on recently that have been taking a toll on me emotionally and physically. Somedays I couldnt find my head if it wasnt screwed on. (wait, do heads screw on??)

Anyway, I just woke this morning, late again. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Maybe my body needs the rest. I hope to get back into the swing of things with new vids and blogs once I get my butt to the store to get some well needed groceries. I have been living off of beans lately....and no one wants to read about me making beans EVERYDAY haha. No don't lol. The recipes are nothing special...basic throw together dishes, ok....usually the same dish, over and over again. Which brings me to...........I NEED to go to the grocery store stat! LOL!

Alrighty then, I'm off to go wake up and see what I can make for lunch.................BEANS!!!

Til next time...(and I have fresh groceries) I will blog atcha lata' my peeps. (did I just say peeps? Oy, sorry about that)

Shauna.................OUT. XoXo!

Friday, August 10, 2012


*RAW VEGAN HEAVY ALMOND CREAM & ALMOND FLOUR* ...."two, for three, for one".

Yesterday I got back in the kitchen and made a new recipe video. Yaaay! But for some stupid reason it took me 5 hours to upload...FIVE HOURS! What in the world?? That is just crazy. Anyway, it's up and I will stop griping now haha. (Video will be posted below)

The video will be kind of a three parter. My initial intent was to make a vid for my Raw Vegan Chocolate Macaroons. (Did I already blog about them?? I think I did, I think I even put a pic and the recipe) Anyway, I wanted to do a vid, but realized that I didnt have any Almond Flour, (which is needed for the recipe) So, why not make a new video with that process as well? :) Cool. With that, I got in the old really I have an old kitchen, not very happy about that.....AND put together a vid for "Almond Cream" & "Almond Flour".

My husband calls these recipes where I have multiple uses for one item "Two, for three, for one".

It goes a little something like this (why did I just think of the Beastie Boy's song when I said that?..."She did it like this, she did it like that....she did it with a whiffle ball bat....aaaaye.")

I DID happen to mention that this blog is called "RAWKIN it Vegan"?? So umm, yeah, I can't help but add some music references here and there.....{{GRIN}}

Anyway my fellow Rockers.....where was I? Yes, Almond Cream. First things first, when making my milk, I usually soak my almonds in water (enough to cover by an inch) overnight, then drain and rinse before using.

Almond Cream is pretty darn easy to do, it is very similar to Almond Milk, same process, just less water, (not the soaking water, the water you use to make the milk/cream haha). With reg Almond Milk, the usual ratio of water is somewhere around 4-5 cups. With Almond Cream, you use less, like, 2 1/2 cups water. Basically by using less it creates a richer more dense "cream".

The cool thing about making your own Almond Milk/ that like my hubby said, you get "Two, for three, for one". Or something like that haha. Out of one cup of almonds and some water, you get Almond Milk/Cream, Almond Pulp/Flour and THEN what ever you make with those two products, like cookies, bars or heck, maybe even a crumble. Sah'weet!

(BELOW: Raw Almond Pulp from making Almond Milk/Cream)

Once the cream is made, I then (usually) put my almond pulp in the good ol' dehydrator for 24 hours with the temp set at 104ish degrees.

 Once my almond pulp is dried overnight, I usually throw it back in my blender and whirl it up to make a nice fine flour. Simple and oh so cool. (Damn, I just made my own flour! Who woulda thunk?)

Ya know, why tell you when I can show you? lol. One videeeeeooooo, coming UP!


Now my fellow you go.....take that Almond Cream and Almond Flour and make something delicious and awesome! Because YOU are awesome and I think you rock!

So Raw'k on my Lovelies!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

*Goooood Moooorning World*

Alrighty, so I woke up late today and after doing some work on the computer I just realized that it is already noon. Ok actually 6 minutes til noon, so I can still say Gooooood Morning WOrLd!!

I'm going to go grab a LaraBar for break'a'lunch (breakfast/lunch) and then get my butt in gear and try to work on some new videos.
Mmm, LaraBars are yummy. If ya havent tried them, my fav is the Cashew Cookie....just raw cashews and dates, that's alllll. But they have tons of other awesome ones as, cinnamon, cherry, lemon, pecan....the list goes on and on! Yum!
{{{BITE}} Mmmmmmm....... I type with my mouth full lol. So with that, I am going to go munch, then see about a new Raw Vegan recipe vid.

ANY SUGGESTIONS??? Huh? Huh?? lol ;)

I was going to do something with my Young Coconuts that I just bought and my Raw Cacao Powder....perhaps a Raw Chocolate Pudding?? AND THEN.....{{scratch that idea}} I opened one of my coconuts and it was bad!! What the Hell'z man?? I HATE that. Total bummer dude. But I did take a cool pic of the good one haha. Seeeeee........

Alright then.......nuff rambling for now. I'm off to Ze' kitchen to work some recipe magick.

Ooooo hey, now it's 12:03! Soooooo Goooooood Afternoooon WOrLd!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

*Shauna's Raw Pine Nut Parmesan Herb Cheese*

*Raw Pine Nut Parmesan Herb Cheese*......a.k.a *X-Spread*

So first let me tell you what X-Spread is.....ohhh' glorious X-Spread. Once upon a time, there was this waaay delicious cheese spread called "X-Spread" made by our local grocery store Heinen's. I call the smell of this cheese "Fairy's blood" (Wait....What did she just call it?? Yes that is a reference taken from HBO's show True Blood...if you havent watched it, it is about Vampires (amongst many other things) as well as Fairies....whose blood the Vamps CAN'T resist.) this "X-Spread" smells SOO good it is like Fairy Blood to me......................ALRIGHTY THEN......are we still talking about cheese??

So I wanted to make or should I say try to make a Vegan version of this cheese, since I am Vegan and have issues with dairy. I looked at the ingredients on the cheese label and thought hmmm.....if I replace just might work...

(They changed the used to just be called "X-Spread"
Heinen's cheese is basically Olive oil, Asiago, Parmesan, Oregano, garlic and red pepper flakes. I can easily keep in the herbs.....The Parm? Well that can be subbed for Nutritional Yeast, same kinda cheesy about the Asiago cheese, hmm, Asiago is and distinct right?? Soooo what if I switch that out for Raw Pine Nuts?? Hmmm.....this JUST might work!!

I grabbed my ingredients and put everything in a blender, waiting to put the olive oil in til last. After I gently pulsed the Pine Nuts a med grade meal in my blender, I put it in a bowl and drizzled in the olive oil. Tasted.....adjusted the seasonings and then had my husband smell it. IT SMELLED JUST LIKE THE X-SPREAD!! WHOOP WHOOP! (I'll put the recipe down below, but first here are some pics showing the original X-Spread and then my creation)

First Heinen's cheese; (S.A.D. Dairy Cheese boooo!) below

Now my Raw Vegan version (Awesome NON Dairy Cheese) below

And this one too......

NOW just because I recreated this into a Vegan version by NO means does that mean it is low fat. Just the opposite actually....this is probably all fat and some protein from the Pine nuts. So, don't be eating a bowl of this stuff.....well actually, it is healthy fats and if you eat a proper well balanced "diet" then I think eating this will be alllllllright :) NO animal fats, nope nadda and yaaaay!

I chose to slice up a Tomato and sprinkle some of the cheese in between the slices and then top off with some chopped Basil. Sooo good!

And then.....I ate the top off haha! MMMM.....

Ready for the recipe??? Oh and before I forget...lots of garlic in this yummy spread. Sooo, I guess I shouldnt call it "Fairy Blood".....cause with all this garlic, it will surely keep all the Vamps away. And please also note.....I just played with this recipe and don't really have all the knitty gritty measuring details of how much of this....or how much of that......but I will do my best at getting the right measurements for ya.



1/2 cup Raw Pine Nuts (dry, not soaked in water)

2 large garlic cloves

1/4 cup Nutritional yeast or more to taste (IF you want to just do the Vegan thang, you could also add Vegan store bought Parmesan yep yep)

1/2-1 tsp Oregano (this I did to taste, and note, it got stronger the longer the spread sat)

1/4 tsp red pepper flakes (once again to taste, don't be to afraid of these, it adds flavor and the heat is muted down by the fats in the nuts and olive oil)

1/4 tsp dried onion powder (the original recipe calls for green onions, I didnt have any, sooo...)

Salt and Pepper to taste (you want enough salt to make it salty like cheese, just don't over do it pretty please :) )


NOW.....put everything in a bowl. Drizzle in the Olive Oil. I used about

1/4 cup Olive Oil (I eyeballed this, you don't want it like soup, but you do want everything to be blended and moist)


Either serve now or put in fridge for a bit to allow the flavors to mingle. I used it right away on the Tomato slices and then the following day I nibbled on it with some rice crackers. I found that the day after I made it the seasonings were just right.....Hell'z yeah! I will keep playing with the proper measurements and when I do, I will DEF post any changes if......I change them haha. :)

So yep......give it a try. Fatty, salty, creamy, almost cheesy........a yummy indulgence.