Monday, July 23, 2012

*Fruit Girl!......more like Slacker Blog Girl*

UGH.....honestly, I want to blog.....and make recipe videos......and take pictures of glorious gorgeous vegan food. BUT..............I admit, I'm a Vegan Food Blog Slacker {{sigh}} I know, it is tragic.(thank you for the cyber hug) It deeply bothers me and I hope to do something about it soon. No really, I do I doooooo.

{{have I sighed already?}}

Sooo with that, I realize that even though I have been a blog slacker......and just a plain ol' bum lately. THAT at least I am blogging now :) Who knows who wants to read my typed ramblings of Vegan food, all I know is that I love being a foodie. I think about food, health and recipes morning, noon and night.....and even in between that time. I admit....."Hello, my name is Shauna and I'm a Vegan Foodie Dork".

Ok shall I stop whining on about how I should be blogging more AND JUST BLOG?? haha! Alright, tooo the bloggin' I shall goooo.

Today, is HOT and one more HOT here in North East Ohio. Seriously what has been up with all the crazy weather?? Anyway, Summer heat always makes me crave fresh juicy cooling fruits. Our local grocery store (which is doing an incredible job at updating and being current in the Vegan food scene...yaaaaay!) just happened to have some glorious organic red grapes on sale. Look at these bad boys........HUUUUGE and sooooooo SOO good.

I tell ya there is nothing better than NOT cooking in the Summer and just munching on delicious real whole foods. The store also had Watermelon for a great price. I think we got ours for something like $2.50! Uhhhhh......yeah!!

Seriously refreshing in this 100 degree heat......pant pant!

Sooo as I sit here and stuff my face with Nature's yummy fruits......I think to myself, how I truly want and desire to passion for the Vegan and Raw Vegan lifestyle.

With that said........."I, Shauna, vow to love, share, learn, create, explore, blog......and make more videos haha. with my food as much as possible XoXo!"



See ya next blog!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

*As The Beastie Boys Say......"She's Crafty...."*

So it is true, I like red wine. And one day I thought, "hey these bottles look cool, why am I throwing them away??" So I googled.

I searched for "Wine Bottle Crafts". I found soooo many awesome ideas. One was an inverted Wine Bottle Planter. Sweeeet! So I thought I would give it a try. It went a little something like this. :)

The idea is to take a wine bottle, (empty) cut the bottom off using a string, acetone and a lighter (will explain this in a moment) and then invert the cut bottomless wine bottle and fill it with potting soil and a plant. Genius I say!

You will need:

1) A bottle
2) 100% Cotton String (and scissors to cut the string)
3) Acetone (usually found in nail polish remover) *See note below
4) Lighter
5) bowl of ice water
6) sandpaper to gently buff away the sharp edges of the cut wine bottle
7) safety glasses and gloves (you're breaking glass people, gotta be safe)
8) some garden twine, yarn, or anything else that strikes your fancy for making a hanger to hold the bottle.

9) And finally, something to put in your finished Wine Bottle Hanger :) Perhaps, potting soil and a plant; herbs etc... Orrr glass marbles and dried flowers.....Orrrr.... lol

*ACETONE NOTE*; I use a Vegan Cruelty Free Acetone, found at Sally Beauty. I also wear gloves when handling Acetone.....cause it aint good for you people, lol. I don't care what they say about it being a good thing for your nails as nail polish remover. YES it does remove nail polish, rather well actually.....but its a harsh chemical. No thanks :) Anyway, I rarely use nail polish, often just using a buffer and coconut oil to make them look perty. Soooo I don't need nail polish remover lol. :)

So I just happened to have an empty wine bottle {{wink wink}} And I tried my hand at cutting the bottle with cotton string, acetone, a lighter and a bowl of ice water. First thing was, to tie a string around the base of a bottle, where you want it to be cut. The thicker the bottle, the more times around you want to wrap it...I did 3 times around for my wine bottle. Take off the string, (still tied from measuring the bottle) and place the string in acetone for about 10-20 seconds.

Then take the soaked string and put it back on the wine bottle, (where you originally wanted it to be cut)......NOW (with your safety glasses and gloves on) take a lighter and light the the cotton string ON the wine bottle. Rotate gently, so the fire keeps rotating around the bottle (I do this over the sink with a bowl of ice water in it) Once the fire goes out on the string, immediately dunk the bottle into a bowl of ice should pop and break! How cool!!
Seriously, how cool is it to cut a wine bottle using string and fire??

Once cut, I took a piece of sandpaper and gently rubbed the cut part of the wine bottle. My next project was to make a hanger for it. My first try was with organic green garden twine. (as seen above) Hmmm, I didnt really like the result. I decided to go with Regular Garden Twine......

Yep, I like the more natural look haha. Soooo basically, for the hanger, I just kept making knots and braids and eventually I created this hanger....(I did??)

Now I originally intended this planter to be for herbs, such as Thyme. But after I finished the project, I realized that I didnt have any potting soil OR any plants that were ready to be planted. Bummer. Soooo instead, I just put some glass marbles in the bottle and put some paper flowers in the "vase".
It came out rather lovely. I hung it in my dining room. Pretty cool! The next ones will hang outside with herbs in them, but for now?......I'm very happy. Take a look at the finished "Wine Bottle Planter".

The only problem, I look at bottles in a whooooole different way haha. I'm thinking maybe a candle or light globe next........yes?? ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shauna's Raw Vegan Summer Pasta

*Mmm Raw Vegan Summer Pasta....or anytime Pasta*

Being that it has been extremely hot these past few weeks, (it hit 106 here the other day, pant pant) The last thing I want to do is be in the hot kitchen making things that take waaay to long to make. This week I kept it simple and made one batch of Raw Vegan "Alfredo" Sauce and used it through out the week.....just doctoring it up here and there for different recipes.

Basically I made my stand-by Raw Vegan Alfredo sauce and added Basil! Yummm! You can find my ohh so tasty Raw Vegan Alfredo Sauce below (the recipe is both in the video, at the end, and in the description box on YouTube below the video).....then......if ya want, to change things up when using it as leftovers.....add things to the already prepared sauce. Such as Basil.....or perhaps add in some Sun Dried Tomatoes....orrrr maybe some red bell peppers and then whirl it up in a blender to create a whole new version of the sauce. Seriously, how easy is that??

I tried the Basil version this week, and thought it was crazy good :) But then again, when is Basil not crazy good? ;)

I took some Zucchini and spiralized it (use a spiralizer machine and made it into pasta like noodles) Then I added some fresh Tomatoes, Red Bell Peppers and fresh Basil ON TOP of the Zucchini pasta along with the Basil Alfredo Sauce.
And the second version, I had the next day for lunch.....I peeled some Carrots instead of using the Zukes and added some misc veggies and topped it off with the Basil Sauce then sprinkled on some Raw Pumpkin Seeds. (love those guys) Then sprinkled on a pinch of Turmeric (the wonder root, awesome stuff that Turmeric)
The carrot version came out a lot more crunchy and toothy than the Zuke "pasta". It was good, but I like the Zuke better :) The Zukes actually have a mouth feel of pasta. Even my not Raw Vegan hubby thought it was very close to noodles. How cool is that??

Ohhh quick note......about the Zukes. After I spiralized them, I put the "noodles" in a bowl and lightly salted them and let them sit for about 15 min. You will notice that the salt draws out some water in the Zukes. I then gently squeeeeeeeze the noodles by hand over the sink to release some of the Zuke water. I find that by doing this is makes for softer "noodles" and well......adds more flavor :)

Also, you can find those Spiralizers on Amazon......great little gadget. Very useful and a must for making veggie pasta noodles. Sweet!

Sooooo Enjoy my Lovelies! <3

Where am I??........Obviously forgetting to blog, that's where. D'OH! The Summer heat has gotten me all outa sorts haha.

Ok ok.....tonight, I'll bloggitty blog blog :) I have some new recipes to share with ya guys.

In the meantime.....I'm off to go enjoy this beautiful Summer day!! Talk to you guys soon! XoXo!

Summertime swimming and blowing water heart bubbles!...well, sorta lol.